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Interviewing Vince, developer of Age of Decadence, from Iron Tower Studio, by Palafoxx and Immortality.

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P and I - How will the gameplay be?
Vince - Awesome!

P and I - Your own char with a team following quests?
Vince - No, no team, just your lonely self.

P and I - Will there be interaction with other characters?
Vince - Yes, of course. More than you can handle.

P and I - What are the technical aspects of the game? We heard that this started as a 2D game and later on you made a switch to 3D. What were you trying to accomplish with this that you couldnt achieve with a 2D engine?
Vince - First, there was a lot of criticism of the 2D version dated looks, which was the main reason for switching. Second, switching to 3D made working with animations much, much easier.

P and I - We know you are a videogame fan, present in many forums. We'd like you to tell us about your experience as a gamer.
Vince - I remember walking into game stores 15 years ago. Stores were filled with awesome, wondrous, fantastic PC (yes, PC games, kids) games. Look at the list of games released in 1994:Al-Quadim, Beneath a Steel Sky, Dark Sun, Doom 2, Death Gate, Dungeon Master 2, the first Elder Scrolls game (who fucking knew?), the first HoMM game, Jagged Alliance, The Journeyman Project, Magic Carpet, Master of Magic, Menzoberranzan, Ravenloft, Realms of Arkania 2, The Secret of Monkey Island, Shadow-fucking-run, TIE Fighter, System Shock, Ultima 8, Warcaft, Wing Commander 3, XCOM.

Can you compare it with what we have today? We have Oblivion: "Your Elder Scrolls vanilla adventure"; an assortment of generic action RPGs of all shapes and colors: Titan Quest, Dungeon Siege 2 Expansion codenamed: "We STILL have no idea how to make good Action RPGs", and Mage Knight: Apocalypse: "I can't believe that someone invested money into that garbage". Great year.

P and I - Which ones are your favourite RPGs?
Vince - Fallout, Arcanum, Darklands, Daggerfall, Realms of Arkania 2, Ultima 7, Ultima Underworld, Prelude to Darkness, System Shock 2.

P and I - Do you have any other project in mind aside Age of Decadence? Maybe a sequel?
Vince - Yes, a few. We'll see how AoD is received.

P and I - Which advise would you give to someone who'd like to create a Roleplaying game within an independant studio?
Vince - If you feel that you are ready, just do it. If you want something more specific, then I'll copy-paste my comments from the NMA Fallout interview:

As for the tips, well, you can make your own game. It doesn't take a rocket scientist. There are great free or almost free engines, there are many tools that make development easy (everything is relative though). A successful team requires 4 things:

  • A team leader, who can run everything (anarchy does not make games).
  • People who are reasonably knowledgeable in their fields: a designer who can put a game together, a programmer who likes programming and whose experience doesn't come from "How to become an uber programmer in 24 hours!", and artists who can play with shapes and colors, without reading the Help section first.
  • Patience and dedication. It would be hard, it would take years, it would feel like working a second job (assuming you have the first one). If you are not ready for that kind of relationship, don't do it. If you are, congratulations, you will make your own game one day.
  • Being able to accept the fact that your game isn't perfect and that some design elements are kinda stupid. Why? That's just how things work. You can't avoid those things, but you can listen, really listen to feedback and look at your game through someone else's eyes. That would highlight all the stupidity you've managed to put into the game, and give you a chance to remove it.

P and I - Thank you very much, Vince, we wish you lots of luck and success!


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