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Interviewing Vince, developer of Age of Decadence, from Iron Tower Studio, by Palafoxx and Immortality.

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Palafoxx and Immortality - What differences Irontower Studio from other studios around?
Vince - No idea. All I know is we really like turn-based, isometric role-playing games and that's what you should expect from us, assuming we'll live long enough to make more than one game. We have no interest in making games of other genres and other styles.

P and I - What are your goals with the creation of this studios and your own game?
Vince - Every hardcore gamer dreams of making his own game and plays with a game idea in his mind. Sometimes the planets align, seemingly random events come together, and before you know, you are presented with an option of giving that stupid "making your own game" idea a shot. We took it. That's why Iron Tower Studio was created.

P and I - Creating a complete game is a very long and difficult task. Did you have previous experience as a game developer, or modder, or writer, or graphics artist?
Vince - Nope. I've been playing games for more than two decades, going all the way back to Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord and The Bard's Tale. You can learn a lot about game design, about what works, what doesn't, etc that way.

P and I - Did you ever think that this project could be too big for you?
Vince - Nope. The project didn't appear out of nowhere. We designed what we knew we could do, not some generic "super awesome, the best evar" RPG.

P and I - How did you came to the idea of creating Age of Decadence?
Vince - I've been playing with some ideas for a game for a long time (a few years before we started working on it). Some ideas were discarded, some ideas were evolved, new ideas were added, etc.

I'd say the game was designed from the endings. I knew how and in what ways I wanted the game to end, and I built it from there. Let's say, a game should have a peaceful option or two. Obviously, it should be more than "[persuasion] leave us alone, you big meanie!", so there should be some factors that might change the final character's position, give him something else to consider. Stuff like that can't appear out of nowhere and should be presented in the game naturally, should be a part of the lore, the setting; some events should lead it it, etc. Or let's say, you favor a military option, but lack skills to do it yourself. How would that be possible? And so on, and so on.

P and I - When did you start the creation of the game?
Vince - March 2004.

P and I - So far how long did it take and which is your release date goal?
Vince - 2.5 years so far.

P and I - What differences Age of Decadence from other games?
Vince - Turn-based combat (a rare guest these days), a LOT of writing (and therefore reading), a trackload of choices & consequences.

P and I - Age of Decadence takes place in a fantasy world based in the fall of the Roman Empire. Which parts of Age of Decadence are pure history and which are fantasy?
Vince - 0% history, 100% vivid imagination. The game is *inspired* be the fall of the Roman Empire, not based on.

P and I - What is the main plot of the game?
Vince - Well, you have this ring, and it gives you powers, but it's also cursed, so you must destroy it before it's too late. There is a very emotional scene in the game where you are in danger, and don't know what to do, and your party members are like "you must equip the ring!". I cry every time I replay that scene.

P and I - Hehe, very funny. We heard that story before.


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