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Interviewing Feargus Urquhart, CEO, and Ryan Rucinski, Senior Producer of Obsidian Entertainment

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P and I - The big dilemma of roleplaying games is that when you make it for pc AND console you lose the "roleplaying" capability. We are witnessing a lot of games where you have to use combat in most of the plot. What is the style in Neverwinter Nights 2? Is it going to be based in your combat ability or are you planning to expand the diplomatic alternatives?

RR - There are a lot of different ways to handle issues in NWN2. At times you can use your skills to modify an existing situation other than the standard way of going through the game. For example, if you have some skills in persuasion you will get an additional conversation options that can greatly change the outcome of a dialogue. Then there is the alignment thing - Some people use diplomacy, some use their might. Don't get me wrong though, this game is not a conversation simulator; some matters can only be dealt with via combat. It should be mentioned that you get faction/influence for any deeds you have done in the game. If you burned down a building for one faction the victims aren't going to welcome you with open arms but the guys you did it for will likely offer up more options for you to 'help' them.

P and I - We understand that in Neverwinter Nights 2 we are going to encounter bosses at the end of some parts of the game. Can you explain this in more detail?

RR - There are special encounters strewn throughout NWN2. Some will only become available if you have done certain side-quests while others are key to the core story. The bosses you encounter are usually a culmination of reaching the end of a particular quest while some are stepping stones to the next part of a quest. Most of the bosses will surprise people in their abilities, well, at least for me they did. I would be rolling through the game thinking I am invincible and Boss X would come up and slap me with a small dose of what real power is.

P and I - Another interesting characteristic of Neverwinter Nights 2 is the posibility to acquire your own stronghold. What can you tell us about it?

RR - The Stronghold is a pretty neat feature in the game. You start off having to clear it of some badguys. After pretty much blowing the place up it is then 'given' to you. Once you get your stipend of money up you can start to spend it on upgrades like improved defenses, better guards, better equipment, and lots more. Special missions and NPC's become available for the player if they wish to go through them. Of course, if the player wants to just skip all of that and continue with the story they can. However, at one point you may have to defend your stronghold from enemies and if you didn't bother to do any upgrading to your keep, I can imagine it would be a 'bit' more difficult.

P and I - Right now we are seeing a growing popularity of the "premium mods". We think Neverwinter Nights was the first game to have this official mods where you pay to download. We assume that you are thinking of doing the same with Neverwinter Nights 2. Did you start working in some mod already?

RR - This is brought up fairly often and unfortunately there is nothing I can officially announce at this time. Obsidian definitely has been working on the logistics of this and we will see what the future brings about being able to buy premium modules. Now free stuff, hmm, that sounds much more appealing... /grin We'll see.

P and I - We are a community that, among other things, translate games and mods into spanish. In some cases we make "improved translations". The translation of your previous game didn't have the desired quality, in fact the NPCs talk to you changing your gender. We have been having this surge of terrible, horrific translations (Oblivion from Bethesda being the worst of all time); are you somehow involved with the translation of your games or do you just hand them over to the spanish distributor to do it? Even after the translated game is made, do you run any "quality" check on it, or ever considered doing it so the spanish-speaking players can obtain a good quality game and not wait for someone else to fix the distributor's mistakes?

RR - Obsidian doesn't do any of the translations. We supply the publisher all the English text and Audio and they send it off to their localization department. Like magic we get localized text and put it into our game. Not being fluent in all the languages all we can do is make sure that it looks right and send a copy to the Localization testers for them to catch any errors. I know for a fact I had many emails and documents asking me about gender and specifics of a conversation. There were so many questions and answers going back and forth that for several weeks at a time there would be a person from the localization team physically here at Obsidian working on the translations.

I certainly hope they come out well, I know the localization team(s) put a lot of effort into the the translations. It should be noted that if the end-user wants to modify any of the dialogue in the game, they can very easily do it in the Toolset (and yes we have a gender setting).

P and I - Do you already have a new project in your agenda?

RR - Obsidian has several projects in development. Only one has been announced with Sega for next-gen consoles. The others have yet to be announced by the Publishers so we can't talk about them at this time.

P and I - Thank you very much, we wish you great sucess with Neverwinter Nights 2 and your future projects.

RR - You're welcome! We at Obsidian really appreciate your interest and support. Without the fans there wouldn't be any games. We throughly hope you enjoy NWN2 and if you feel like it drop us a line at the forums and let us know what you think.

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